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Mad Smile - Never Surrender (2011г)






The 6th sence
Winds of fire
Deep Inside

Выкладываем постепенно... THE 6th SENCE

Verse 1:
I'm gonna really lose control
This time I just can't stand it
My soul feels coming downfall
Reality is prostrated

They are coming back to me
I hear their voices, I see their faces
Rotten sign of dreadful kills
Cover them with bloody traces

What is it? Is it insane?
What is real? Where is illusion?
But blood still running through my vein
Suicide is not solution

Again undiscovered brutal assassination
Murdered victims request for a merciless vengeance
Coming to me every day, every night
But my family thinks that I feel all right
Nobody knows about my emotional fight

Verse 2:
Wherever I may room
I see you every single minute
Dead people, where are you from?
You're mission not complete, I feel it

Evil spirits living in my brain
Evil spirits driven me insane

Another assassination, another awful crime
I have to solve this question for dead to stay alive
Another preparation of endless war of kills
I'm not really liar, they burn in hellfire
Until there is to fulfill

Why they come to me?
Why they come to me?

Winds of fire

Verse 1:
Winds of fire blow my life away
My desire saves another day

Walking through the plains of sorrow
I confess my crime
Burning down the wings of fallen angel
For the sake of dying time

Verse 2:
Life is endless story for the lost
After all death is the final cost

Chorus 2:
Memory remains forever
Deep inside my heart -
Years will pass and though the never
I will fall apart DEEP INSIDE

Skirting the time, I lose the ground
I hope you believe that i can fly
Like an eagle, soar in the sky

I hope you hear that rattling sound
This state of life deep inside
But we are mortal, we all gonna die

Deep inside, I'm feeling free
Deep inside, you call me.
All of this I feel somewhere deep inside.
Deep inside, no more fear
Deep inside, only we are.
All of this I feel somewhere deep inside.

verse 2
Till the blood runs through my veins
I will live and I will pray
For one touch of your cold hands again

Standing on the end of breakage
There is no thought: "what to do?"
Only feeling quilty for i've made the day before FADE

You have found in your mind
Any psichical allows
Death and fade has changed your life
While the nearest corrodes

Dance, or you'll be fucked up
Dance, the master want's your
Thanks, the act is played
in your imagination

Hear the music of a
Slave, it's rithmical and
Grace, the act is played
in your imagination

Fight the dragon, kill the nazis king
Follow the man, visions so unreal
Passing the valley, Train must be stopped
World is falling, you are not

You can,You see
You know your destiny
Just go, Your path
Dont fear, just breath

verse 2
It seems like a dance of beauty
The bloody bath just in your seen
You must fight, you have а weapon
Get them all, collect and win

verse 3
Try to hide all in your heart
Inner self-esteem is low
You want to turn it back and back
You can't say to the freedom "No" BORELIA

verse I was used to be. I was used to fall.
I was trying to escape.
And my mind was blinded and my name was cursed.
No one used to be my friend.
When I close my eyes, when I look inside
I'm full of grim despair
And my kin will stop on me one day
Oh, priest, please smooth my pain

And dreadful tale to pass beyond the veil
To ride away
And keep on trying everyday.

Borelia will fly, I'm so alone tonight
And through infected mind my sanity is denied.
The secret of my own - come back and stay at home.
And no one is to be free from influence of thee.

verse 2 I believed in god, I believed in hell
I was trying to understand
Interpreted dreams and courageous hopes
Feeling load of death sentence
I hear the breath of dusk, I feel the touch of death
I can finally understand
The game is over now, time is right for me
It's a one way to the end

When I was strong I kept all of them tide
Never surrender, never say die.
Since the damnation is holding my fate.
I try to slay them and have no regret





Copyright Mad Smile © 2010 г.

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